Who We Are

Our commitment:

To provide:

1. “Key Performance Indicators” oriented programmes.

2. Unique supportive environment with teaching excellence.

3. Equal learning opportunities for individuals.

4. A community built on care, respect, support, success, to leranceand open-mindedness.

5. Quality international education for both expatriate and local students.

6. Support the efforts of Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC) in achieving their goals.

7. Gifted and talented students with opportunities to flourish.

8. Students with opportunities for university placement and preparing them well for life beyond school.

9. Detailed and frequent assessment advice to students and their parents.

10. Differentiated learning to cater for the needs of all members of the AIS community: students, parents and staff with very clear transparent standards that are applied equally to all stakeholders. To realize the best possible outcomes for all students.