Application Requirements


Completed and correctly filled application forms can only be accepted if accompanied by the Administration Fee.  The Ministry of Education requires that all families are to submit the following documents for each child entering education in Jordan.  
Legalized copies of Birth Certificate. (For all Students).
Valid residency permit. (For Expat Students Only).
Four recent Passport size photographs of the student.
Legalized copy of family book. (For Jordanian families only).
At the time of admissions parents will be requested to provide the following:
Information about their children regarding allergies, special medical conditions, etc.
Up to date contact details, and telephone numbers for both parents to be contacted in case of emergencies.
Most recent school report.
Transfer Certificate from previous school (more information is provided in the next paragraph).
Transfer Certificate (done through the Directorate of Education)
The original document contains the following information:
Date of enrolment.
Year group placement.
Date the child left the previous school.
School stamp and signature.
Placement Exam
Families are welcome to apply to AIS, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or religion.
There are limited spaces for children with additional learning needs as AIS unfortunately do not have provision for children with severe or complex educational needs.
Wherever possible AIS aims to interview every child and his/her parents prior to entry.
AIS aims to prepare students for success in English medium International Examinations in a Jordanian context.  Consequently; students from Grades 2 upwards may be required to sit a proficiency test in English, Maths, and Arabic.
Waiting list,If the applicant fulfils the above criteria but there is no vacancy, the parents/guardians may choose to place him/her on a waiting list. To be placed on this waiting list the Registration Fee must be paid.
Order of Acceptance
In chronological (but if the applicant has a sibling at the school, preference will be given).
More information is provided in the detailed workflow in Chapter Five of this Manual.